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The Hamo Scholarship

The HAMO Foundation Scholarship was founded in memory of Henry Alan Munson Owen, a young man who embodied a sense of adventure and love of people.  He made the world a better place through his acts of kindness and his loyalty to a wide variety of friends around the world. This scholarship offers up to $1000 of financial support to graduating seniors for an opportunity to experience growth in a number of ways. Acceptable uses of the scholarship funds include (but are not limited to): college tuition or books, trade school costs, travel experiences, a business plan or other ideas you may have that help you grow as a person.  The application requires a letter detailing your plan for the funds and how you hope to grow as an individual as a result of receiving the scholarship.

The letter will need to be submitted by March 5th, 2023 to HAMO Foundation, 4001 Dartmoor Road, Ames, Iowa 50014 OR by email at

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