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Here to Hear You

We are on a mission to build a community within the community to foster and build ties between children and adults as well as kid to kid. Just listen and be present. Sincerely care about others.

"Here To Hear You" is not a replacement for mental health care and is not responsible for solving problems. Instead, it is a bridge to close the generation gap and to form relationships between young people and adults who are available to listen and to offer encouragement or advice if needed.


"In today's world people lead busy lives and this leaves kids with the feeling that there is no-one to listen. This program is determined to provide trusted adults in your local community that will make space for kids to talk through life's trials and issues that are facing young people today." - Birk

"While Henrys death brought a lot of pain and grief to myself and many of my friends, I wouldn’t know and love the people that I do if it never happened. I can’t count the amount of nights after his passing that my friends and I would get together with Susan and Docca and just talk to each other. We would share stories of all kinds, the good and the bad, share music, laugh out asses off and then finish it off with a good pizza or stew. If it hadn’t had been for those nights I would never have gotten over henrys death. We we’re each other’s savior. I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to anyone else to talk to about the types of things that we did together. Henrys community, the people he knew, the people who were involved in said stories; they are the ones who got me through. I believe that is the same for all the others who knew him. The people that were always there to talk and share stories are now my best friends and some of the only kids/people that I have kept in contact with after I graduated. In times of tragedy such as that, choose to talk with your community first because it might be the best decision and friends that you’ve ever made."  Cael 

How to Get involved

1. Contact Us

- Use the contact form below to get in touch with us about becoming a trusted adult in the Here To Hear You program. 

2. Next Steps

- After the form has been submitted, you will be contacted to complete a background check and an interview with a HAMO board member. 

3. "Here To Hear You" Trusted Adult

- Lastly, after completing all of the previous steps you will become a trusted adult in your area. Kids will come to you with troubles or if they just need a friend to talk to. You are a light in your community!