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Henry's Helpers

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The beginning

His Passion Continues

Henry loved to read and his love for reading was contagious. He never passed up a chance to tell someone about the most recent book he had devoured. Spending a lot of time in the school library, he enjoyed offering suggestions to everyone that would listen. Eagerly participating in several "Battle of the Books" competitions, where teams of students test their knowledge on book trivia,  Henry strengthened his connection with literature.  His passion for reading is something that should be shared, so Henry's Helpers was born. 

Early in 2021, a group of classmates and friends created a way to honor Henry's love for reading. Beginning with some scheduled events during the local farmers market, friends, teachers and classmates volunteered to hold a read aloud time where anyone was welcome to sit in and listen to some old and new favorite children's books. Henry's Helpers continues to grow across the country. Henry's Helpers story times can now be enjoyed every Saturday from 10-11 a.m. at the Pumpkin Patch at 302 Main Street in Ames, Iowa. If you're interested in volunteering or finding out ways to be involved, please contact us.